A Bit About Jargon - Wood Measurement

What's a Board Foot? What is 4/4, 8/4?

Before you browse through the pictures of my current stock below, it might be useful to read through this information. I am using jargon in the image captions due to limited space, so this information may be helpful.

First, 4/4, 6/4, 8/4, etc. refers to the thickness of the material. It is really pretty simple, but may seem confusing at first. 4/4 is about 1" thick when rough sawn. 6/4 is 1.5", 8/4 is 2", and so on. 4/4 usually mills down to about 3/4" thick, 8/4 can usually be milled to anywhere from 1 1/2" to 1 3/4" thick.

A board foot is the equivalent of 144 cubic inches of wood. I will usually charge by the board foot, unless I paid for some material by the linear foot (which is very rare). So, for 4/4 wood, a board foot is the equivalent of a 12" x 12" section. For 8/4, it is a 6" x 12" section.

I can acquire various species that I don't have in stock -- I make a regular trip to a regional hardwood dealer once each month, and can get wood stock for your project at that time. I can also make a trip specifically to get stock for your project sooner. If I make an unscheduled trip to acquire materials, my time for that will be part of the total cost of your project.


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Foot photo attribution:  Genusfotografen (genusfotografen.se) & Wikimedia Sverige (wikimedia.se)

2x4 attribution:  Photo by Michael Holley, June 2008.