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Featured Furniture and Woodwork Projects

Zebrawood Lazy Susans


A customer in Ohio ordered six 12" lazy Susans made from zebrawood as gifts. Zebrawood is a very striking and distinctive wood. It is somewhat difficult to work because it has a coarse texture that is prone to tear out and chipping, so requires some special care. These lazy Susans are finished with polyurethane.

Foyer/Entryway Bench


This entryway bench was created for a customer in Kirkland, WA. It is made from solid walnut from top to bottom, and features hand cut dovetails joining the seat to the side panels/legs. It has six shelf spaces for shoes, towels, or other entryway/mudroom necessities.

Bubinga Display Pedestal


This is a custom bubinga pedestal for holding a sculpture. It was made for a customer in Bainbridge Island, WA. It is constructed with vertically oriented side panels joined with a series of half inch box joints. The top panel is seated inside dadoes in the side panels.

Walnut Bookshelf


This walnut bookshelf was crafted for a customer in Austin, TX. It is finished with a coat of marine varnish for UV protection, followed by polyurethane. It was then buffed down to a satin sheen.

Wall-Mount Coat Rack


This custom coat rack was made for a customer in Stamford, CT. It is made from walnut dyed reddish-brown, sealed with shellac, then glazed with a dark brown wiping oil stain. It is finished with gloss polyurethane.

Meditation Stools


This project was a custom order of eight meditation stools for my local University's housing department. The stools have spalted maple seats, and either walnut or hard white maple legs. They are finished with epoxy.

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