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Featured Furniture and Woodwork Projects

Photo Book Boxes


This is one of a set of three photo book boxes designed to contain 8 3/4" x 11 1/4" Apple Photo Books. The pictured box is made from sapele wood, the others are walnut and curly maple. The lid features a detachable picture frame for holding 9.6" x 7.2" prints from -- the collage is printed directly onto the glass and backed with dense foam. The lid and frame are set with a 108° stop hinge. All wood parts are finished with Odie's Oil.

Red Juniper Table Centerpiece


I had this live-edge slab section of red juniper (aka aromatic cedar) and decided to spend a little time working on it after some time away from the shop. It was a good project to jump back into work-mode with. It is almost entirely hand-tooled, and features a walnut bow tie to stabilize a large crack on the wider end. This piece of wood had exceptional character.

Bubinga Display Pedestal


This is a custom bubinga pedestal designed for holding a sculpture. It was made for a customer in Bainbridge Island, WA. It is constructed with vertically oriented side panels (to make it appear more stand/pedestal-like than box-like) joined with half inch box joints. The top panel is seated inside dadoes in the side panels and planed and sanded flush to the top edges of the sides.

Walnut Wall-Mount Coat Rack w/ Goat Head Hooks


This custom coat rack was made for a customer in Stamford, CT. It is made from walnut dyed reddish-brown, sealed with shellac, then glazed with a dark brown wiping oil stain. It is finished with gloss polyurethane. It features heavy-duty hooks with decorative goat head tips, and is mounted to the wall with a French cleat system for easy moving.

Western Red Cedar and White Oak Outdoor Bench


This outdoor bench was crafted from western red cedar for the seat and quartersawn white oak for the legs and stretcher. It is joined with mortises and tenons. The finish is an eight day process consisting of a thin sealing layer of marine-grade epoxy followed by 7 coats of marine varnish. Tinuvin 292 and Tinuvin 1130 are added to the marine varnish to increase its lifetime in sunny conditions.

Wenge Hinged-Lidded Box w/ Felt Lined Bottom


This custom box was part of graduation gift. A young man was graduating with an engineering degree, and his parents were giving his grandfather's antique slide rule to him. They needed a good, attractive box to keep it well protected due to its age and the condition of its original case. The box is made from wenge with lacewood splined miter joints. It has a simple clasp and a 108° stop hinge.

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