Your Privacy as My Customer

Your privacy is a top priority for me. Your information will never be shared with anyone unless it is applicable to the completion of your project, such as contacting another shop owner who you have purchased an item from that will go along with what you order from me.

If you order a custom photo transfer, your digital image will be printed on two pieces of paper. Both will be transferred onto a wood backer, and the best one will be used to complete your order. The other one will be used as a surface for shop work and will never be used outside of my shop. Before disposing of the leftover transfer, once it has been used to the point of being no longer viable for my purposes, it will be sanded or otherwise destroyed. The digital copy of your image will be securely deleted after you have received your piece, so as to be unrecoverable by any means. It will never be used for any purpose on my Etsy site or in my portfolio unless you expressly pre-approve of its use.

All credit card payments are processed by a third party - Square or PayPal in the case of this website - and I do not have access to your card information. There may be cases when I accept payment in the form of a money order or check. This information will never be shared with anyone unless I am legally obligated to do so (such as tax or audit purposes, or if the purchase is a suspected case of identity theft).

If you agree to allow me to use a testimonial, I will only use your first name and general location (First name, City, State).