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About ORO Woodworks Custom Furniture and Custom Woodwork


Dedication to Craft

I am dedicated to creating long-lasting and attractive pieces of custom furniture and custom woodwork. As someone who has personally been frustrated by the lack of durability and quality in furniture and decor sold at most retailers, I have committed my business to creating pieces that will outlast and outshine both the knock-down furniture and the pre-built furniture offered to the average consumer.


Dedication to Form and Function

Form follows function, and this is very true in woodworking and furniture building. Unless your piece has an established function, the form may not be achievable. In order to create the custom furniture or custom woodwork project you want to see, the basic use and location of the piece needs to be established in order to ensure its durability and stability. I'm dedicated to providing custom creations that start with best-practices and end with a gorgeous piece of handmade furniture or woodwork.


Dedication to Meeting Your Needs

I have also committed to providing my services to customers with a range of budgets, which is why I offer a range of options for materials, joinery, and finish. I want people with a range of means to be able to enjoy the satisfaction of having something built by a craftsperson - something you can be sure will last decades longer than a piece built from low-quality composite materials. I want to create something you can leave to your children or grandchildren, and something you can look at with pride.

About Me

My Woodworking Story (In Brief)

I've been interested in woodworking and carpentry for most of my life. My grandpa was an avid hobbyist woodworker, and as young kids he taught us grandchildren some of the basics of woodcraft. As time progressed, I took up helping with projects around home. I helped rebuild our back deck, my friend and I re-roofed my family's garage, and I spent days watching and even helping (albeit in very small ways) the professional cabinet maker who redid our kitchen when I was in middle school.

I fell out of the craft for quite a few years throughout high school. But, my interest in playing guitar eventually rekindled my interest in woodworking. I initially wanted to make guitars, and got a good book about traditional acoustic and classical guitar building. Although I didn't take up that particular part of the craft (yet), it did instill in me a new and growing respect for high-quality craftsmanship.

Eventually, I decided to take the plunge and bought myself a cheap table saw and some other inexpensive tools in order to start learning what was needed to get the job done well. I spent about 3 1/2 years working 20-30 hours a week on creating, and on learning through online videos and articles, and by reading books about various aspects of the craft.

In late summer 2017, I decided that I wanted to create high quality woodwork for a living. So, I started ORO Woodworks, and haven't looked back since.



Other Shop Members

Nibbler - Shop Mascot, Bark Expert


Nibbler maintains the shop's positive attitude and provides expertise on natural-edge and bark-inclusion projects. She also gnaws on scraps to help recycle. 

Bagheera - Disciplinarian


Bagheera keeps the shop in line. She makes sure Nibbler and I keep up the work pace. She also climbs trees to find the best limbs and search for nice burls. 

Extended Customer Testimonials

Jon, OK State Res Life

"Really like the meditation benches/stools you created for Res Life.  Great workmanship.  Also appreciate the dependability you exhibited.  You are a fine craftsman!"

Kimberley, Rahway, New Jersey

"It was pleasure to deal with Owen from OROwoodworks from start to finish. He was able to custom make a shelf for me to the exact height and width I needed. I appreciate that he kept me posted about how long the project was going to take and exactly when he would get the materials and begin the project. The shelf is beautiful."

Samantha, New York City, NY

"We got the desk! It’s perfect. Thank you so much for the updates and all your work on it! It was a pleasure working with you on this."