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It is pretty common for furniture to fade with age, or to suffer some damage that we might consider irreparable. But, before you toss that old chest, dresser, or table onto the side of the road, consider seeing if I might be able to repair it for you. If I can, chances are that fixing it will cost much less than buying an entirely new piece. It may even be possible to alter certain design elements if you want to give it a little update.

There is also the occasional problem of damage to the finish, or you may decide after a number of years that the finish your furniture currently has isn't what you want anymore. Again, before you toss it aside in favor of an entirely new piece or set, consider checking to see if it can be refinished.

Sometimes you'll want to combine furniture repair and furniture refinishing into one job - strip, sand, repair, alter, refinish.

Please note that I am not a trained antique restoration expert, and do not claim to be. If you have a high-value antique that you want restored, and you want to ensure you will maintain or reestablish its value, please consider looking for someone who is trained or experienced in that specific field. Otherwise, if you simply have something that is old, but you know its main value is non-monetary, I can likely help. I do have some knowledge of the materials and processes used in building antique furniture pieces, and am in general a very careful person when it comes to woodworking. So, if you simply want something repaired or refinished but are not concerned with its appraised value, please feel free to contact me about that, too.

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