I have re-started my blog (click here), this time focusing on things I would usually communicate to my customers individually. Things like furniture care, minor repairs, differences between types of finishes, etc.

Custom Process

Spalted maple slab. Hand-selected materials. Wood slab.

Custom Selected Materials

Custom Crafting and Finishing

Custom Design and Planning

I'm dedicated to creating well-built custom furniture and woodwork from the ground up. One of the most important parts of this process is hand-selecting materials, either at a regional hardwood dealer or saw mill.

cherry wood bassinet. Swinging cradle. Swinging bassinet. 3D plan for bassinet.

Custom Design and Planning

Custom Crafting and Finishing

Custom Design and Planning

To create your custom furniture, I'll collaborate with you to perfect the design - determining material, joinery, and finish options. I'll check with you for final approval of any changes I consider throughout the process.

hand-crafted serving tray. Maple serving tray with splined miters and lacewood inlay.

Custom Crafting and Finishing

Custom Crafting and Finishing

Custom Crafting and Finishing

With the design approved and materials acquired, the final steps for your custom woodwork start with milling the lumber, both with hand tools and machines, then creating the joinery. Finally, I assemble it, finish it, and ship or deliver it to you.

Shipping Info

Domestic (US) shipping is based on the size and weight of the package. Other considerations in shipping are included as part of the fee structure on my labor.

Due to unforeseen difficulties I cannot ship internationally right now.


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Contact me today to begin planning your custom furniture or custom woodwork. Please note that I bill for time spent beyond the first hour of communication. I do not, however, bill for time communicating if I am asking for approval of changes or for general updates I send out.

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